Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The March calendar is online! Paper calendars will be posted around town soon....sorry for the delay. We blame Mardi Gras.... :)

New classes include:
*Intro to Mushroom Cultivation
*Intro to Speculative Realism & Object Oriented Ontology
*Natural Drawing Salon

Don't forget about the ongoing classes as well: The Solidarity Economy, The Art of Adult Ropes, Anatomy & Massage Technique Skillshare, Intro to Harm Reduction, Reading for Radicals, Contemporary Feminist Literature, Human Sexuality, The World in Knots, and Community Yoga!

We will be holding our monthly teacher's potluck on 
Sunday 3/4 at 6 pm @ 2030 Dumaine!
Past/current/future teachers invited to eat some food, talk about Free School, and get inspired to teach a class!
Class proposals for the April calendar are due on 3/15!!

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