Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Help NOFSN find a home!

We need your help!

The New Orleans Free School Network has decided that in order to better serve and support alternative education in our city, we need a central space to work from. Our dream is to have a space where we can hold office hours, host a variety of classes and store records of past classes and educational materials.

Our perfect location would be a safe, handi-capped accessible, semi-public space with restrooms that we could furnish with some seating, tables, bookshelves and a coffee maker and have 24 hour access to. This spot might be a room in a community center, an office building, warehouse or a house. This might be a place that needs some attention and we would work-trade with the owner/property manager in exchange for use of the space. We aren't too picky about the geographic location.

Do you have the perfect place for us? Do you know someone who might? Please spread the word about our school house search and contact us if you have any leads. Cheap is good, free is better! We really appreciate your support!