Thursday, March 31, 2011

Street Medic Training coming soon

Hey New Orleanians! We've got an extremely exciting weekend intensive coming up.  Noah will be holding a 20 hour street medic training course from Friday April 15th through Sunday April 17th.  Learn how to protect  your brothers, sisters, and yourself from police aggression and brutality. Limited space is available so please RSVP to
Street medic training flyer

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A quick update...

Hey Free Schoolers!  The end of March is imminent and were looking back on a few successful first weeks of classes.  But don't get too cozy, because there are several more classes starting up in the next week or two.  So keep an eye out!

Remember that the deadline for getting your class on the calendar for our May-June session is April 17th!  Get your proposals in early.  You may use the form under the "Propose a Class" tab on this website, or fill out a class proposal form that you should be able to find at various libraries and community centers around the city.

We're putting a lot of effort into making the Free School Network available to everyone in New Orleans, not just folks in our own social circles, so please talk about us on your facebook, drop our name when you're at the bar, and tell the folks at the second line how amazing the Urban Zoology class that you're teaching next session is going to be.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Project Launched & In Full Effect

Hi friends,

The NOLA Free School Network is well on its way with classes having started this week after a wildly successful opening day at the Really Really Free Market! There have been many changes made to the class schedule in terms of locations & dates, so please keep checking the calendar!

We invite and encourage everyone to utilize the site as a tool for fighting the top-down organizing structure of traditional schooling and voicing your interest, ideas, and opinions with the facilitator and other students. This will also be where you can find class readings and requirements.

The NOLA Free School Network is commited to decentralized education and excitedly awaits what will come from our first session of classes. It takes the whole community to make this happen in a wonderfully inspiring way. Please come show support through learning a new skill and gaining subject knowledge!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

It's almost time!! Check out our calendar!

Our March-April calendar is finally filling out! We've got a number of wonderful classes happening all around the city lined up for our first session. The classes we have so far are:
-Farming a city: permaculture intensive
-Worm Composting Extravaganza 
-Human Sexuality 
-Introductory Bicycle Mechanics 
-Suzuki Violin Practice Group
-Men & Feminism
-Films of the Czech Republic
-Food Manipulation
-Plumbing Basics 666
-Computer, Resume, & Internet Skills 101   
-Beginner & Intermediate Knot Tying
-Anarchy 101: An Introduction to Anarchist Thought & Practice
-Creative Writing
For dates, times, and other info, visit our calendar page.  You should also start seeing physical calendars posted up at different places around your neighborhood.
We have many more classes that we are still working toward getting on the calendar.  Most of the teachers of these classes only need to provide specific dates and/or locations.  So if you are a teacher who has proposed a class, or someone who is thinking of proposing a class in the future, please do everything that you can to have specific dates and locations for you class before you fill out a proposal form. This will make the next round of classes much easier for everyone.

Also, the Really Really Free Market has been set for March 13th at the Art House (1614 Esplanade).  Please come out!  The New Orleans Free School Network will be there along with some of the teachers for the courses in the upcoming session.  Students will be able to meet the teachers and sign up for courses at the Free Market.

Also, anyone planning on attending our next meeting (which would have been Monday, March 7th), should know that that meeting has been moved to Thursday, March 10th at 7pm at the Iron Rail due to Lundi Gras. Anyone is welcome to attend.

Happy Mardi Gras!