Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Some notes:

1) After reviewing the completed calendar and class description page, we found a few mistakes, so here are the updated links:


Some of the calendars being posted around town may not have these updates on them.

2) Some corrections that need to be highlighted:

*Intro to Harm Reduction will be taking place at the LGBT Community Center at 2114 Decatur Street
*Sew Hip NOLA will be taking place at the Latter Branch of the library at 5120 St. Charles Ave, not the Argonne Blvd address, which is a different library
*Computer Classes at the Community Center of St. Bernard need to be registered for after 9 AM (not PM) on January 2nd

2) The blogspot now also has an updated "calendar" and "current classes" page. Just click on either of these links at the top of this page.

Some reminders:

1) Several of the classes this semester require pre-registration. These include:

*Computer Classes at the Community Center of St. Bernard (by January 2nd after 9 AM)
*Computer Literacy at Resurrection After Exoneration
*Microsoft Office PowerPoint Levels 1 & 2 at the Main Library
*ACT Strategies Workshop at the Main Library
*All-Ages Knitting at Community Book Center
*Reading for Radicals at Community Book Center

See the class description page for contact information to pre-register.

2) Class proposals for the February semester are due on January 15th!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Below are the links to the New Orleans Free School Network calendar for January 2012, as well as the class descriptions/teacher contact info. You can also find these links on our Facebook page, as well as physically posted up around town in community centers, libraries, coffee shops, etc. Have a great semester y'all!

link to calendar:

link to class descriptions/teacher contact info:

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Hello Free Schoolers! 

Class proposals are closed for the January semester. But a couple of notes:

1) If you would like to propose a class for the February semester, the class proposal deadline is January 15th.

2) If you feel inspired to teach a class, but didn't submit a class proposal to us in time, TEACH IT ANYWAY! We won't be able to put it on our calendar, but if you e-mail/facebook message us, we can put up a post about it on the blogspot or on facebook.

3) The January calendar comes out on December 20th, so don't forget to check out all the amazing free classes happening around the city.

Happy winter!

Friday, December 9, 2011

To propose a class for the January semester:

e-mail: nolafreeschoolnetwork@gmail.com
call: (504) 484-9814 or (504)252-7129

Thursday, December 8, 2011

And don't forget CLASS PROPOSALS are due on December 15th! (see the post below this posting about Hollygrove)....

Ok, this is not free, but it is an awesome educational opportunity that is ALMOST FREE ($5) and is the type of class/workshop we will be including on the ALMOST FREE section of our upcoming calendar! Plus, Hollygrove rocks, so we should all support it in any way we can!

Composting and Soil Building

Hollygrove Market and Farm, 8301 Olive Street

This Saturday!
December 10, 2011
3 PM to 5 PM 
Come by Hollygrove Market and Farm this Saturday afternoon to learn about composting and soil building! Alyssa Denny, the produce buyer and market manager of Hollygrove Market, will talk to us about the steps to composting and soil building and show us around the farm. Dress for the weather, because we will be outside for some of this workshop getting to turn the Hollygrove compost pile ourselves!
Saturday's program will include:
  • A tour of Hollygrove Market & Farm 
  • An exploration of Hollygrove's composting and soil building projects 
  • What is compostable?
  • Examples of kitchen compost containers
  • A timeline for home composting projects  
  • Information about what inputs you'll need to start your own projects
  • Carbon & nitrogen mixtures, air & water needs 
  • Techniques for composting including piles, worms, and containers

Please dress appropriately. Closed toed shoes and gloves are recommended.
COST:  $5.00 (with free vegetable, herb & flower seeds available)
Free for NOFFN Members! Become a member today. 

Please RSVP by Friday, December 9th! 
To get your name on our list, contact Nico at nico@noffn.org or 504-483-6967

GROW MO' BETTA is a 12-part monthly training series @ various locations throughout NOLA.    

Please note: Our office phone number has changed!
New Orleans Food & Farm Network

  Free seeds
4840 Banks St.
NOLA 70119

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


We are sorry for the short notice, but there has been some shuffling about with the organizers, and we have decided that class proposals will be due on the 15th of EVERY MONTH, including this one. A more advanced notice will be given in the future, we promise.

As for this class proposal due date, please know that if you propose a class, it will be for the JANUARY SEMESTER. That is, we will have a new calendar printed by December 20th that will display classes for the month of January. Your class does not have to exist only in the month of January. It can go on as long as you like, just let us know so we can continue to display it on the following months' respective calendars.

Our goal is to have at least 10 classes proposed by December 15th! If you need any help at all in finding/securing a location for your class, accessing material resources for your class, advertising your class, or teaching your class, please let us know, and we will be more than happy to help.

Thanks y'all! Stay warm, stay free!