Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Some notes:

1) After reviewing the completed calendar and class description page, we found a few mistakes, so here are the updated links:


Some of the calendars being posted around town may not have these updates on them.

2) Some corrections that need to be highlighted:

*Intro to Harm Reduction will be taking place at the LGBT Community Center at 2114 Decatur Street
*Sew Hip NOLA will be taking place at the Latter Branch of the library at 5120 St. Charles Ave, not the Argonne Blvd address, which is a different library
*Computer Classes at the Community Center of St. Bernard need to be registered for after 9 AM (not PM) on January 2nd

2) The blogspot now also has an updated "calendar" and "current classes" page. Just click on either of these links at the top of this page.

Some reminders:

1) Several of the classes this semester require pre-registration. These include:

*Computer Classes at the Community Center of St. Bernard (by January 2nd after 9 AM)
*Computer Literacy at Resurrection After Exoneration
*Microsoft Office PowerPoint Levels 1 & 2 at the Main Library
*ACT Strategies Workshop at the Main Library
*All-Ages Knitting at Community Book Center
*Reading for Radicals at Community Book Center

See the class description page for contact information to pre-register.

2) Class proposals for the February semester are due on January 15th!

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