Friday, May 6, 2011

We're having a fundraiser!!

Hey folks.  We're having a fundraiser!!  Some of you might be wondering why the "Free" school needs funds...  Well, in order for us to keep on offering free classes to the residents of New Orleans, we currently/will in the future have to pay for the following things:
-Copies of flyers/pedagogy literature/teachers' handouts
-Purchase of physical materials for classes (e.g. plumbing/electrical supplies, books, food for cooking classes)
-Web hosting fees
-Purchase of a copy machine/printer
-Renting/Purchasing a space
-Bringing special guest speakers to New Orleans

With that said, the fundraiser will be on Saturday May 14th from 1-5 PM at the new Treehouse - 2826 St. Claude Ave. (@ Press st.)

There will be food, drinks, and semi-educational/fun activities! Including:
-A PiƱata
-Music & Dancing (Feat. Sweet Street Symphony, Woodsmen Brothers, & Brett Richardson)
-Sex Ed. Theater
-Bike Fixings
-Double-Dutch Jumprope
-Four Square
-DIY Instrument Building
-Finger Painting
-& More!

$10 suggested donation
($10+ donation gets a Free raffle ticket & a drink!)