Friday, June 15, 2012

Check this out tomorrow......!
Nicky Da B! Crafting Rhymes and Working in the Music Industry: A Workshop for Teens
Saturday 6/16 from 2-4pm
NOPL Main Library @ 219 Loyola Ave, 3rd floor Auditorium
Nicky Da B is of the next generation of Bounce Rappers, 10 years younger than Big Freedia and Katey Red. His style is a little smoother and his delivery is very unique...something like the abstract vocal sounds of Jamaican Dancehall combined with the tried and true, call and response, party style of NoLa Bounce. He uses his voice naturally (and unnaturally!) to create the chopped vocal sound that many other rappers do via the producers' magic fingers. He will be talking to teens about crafting rhymes and working in the music industry. For more information, call (504)596-2565.

Also, just a shout out to those of you who have been attending the Anatomy and Massage Technique case you haven't noticed, for the past 2 weeks the group has been graced with the presence of acro-yogi/massage therapist/walking encyclopedia Mr. Joe Stein, LMT. He has been facilitating the class with the topics of self-massage, yoga, functional fitness, fascial health, nutrition, stress, rest, and more! He will continue to facilitate the group's next 2 sessions in June (Thursday 6/21 & 6/28). Dress in clothing you can move in, and, if possible, bring a yoga mat, yoga blocks, and a basketball/volleyball/soccer ball to 1265 Esplanade at 7:30pm.

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