Monday, May 21, 2012

We had so much fun and, thanks to you, made some much needed funds so we can help provide material resources to Free School teachers. Thanks to everyone who donated goods/service to our raffles, DJ Heatwave, DJ Grayscale, and SS Boombox for the sweet tunes, New Orleans Community Kitchen for the grub, and Nowe Miasto for the perfect post-apocalyptic space. Y'all rule!!

A few just-added educational opportunities:

*On Thursday 5/24 from 3:30-5:30 at the Mudlark Public Theatre (1200 Port St), the NOLA Human Sexuality Working Group presents "Demystifying Abortion", a  workshop facilitated by a former feminist health clinic worker and a reproductive rights community organizer to provide a brief explanation of reproductive and sexual anatomy, what an abortion (as performed by a medical practitioner) is, and some of what you may expect when you discuss or encounter abortion procedures in the United States. (Thanks to all allies, but this presentation will be for female bodied folks, including any interested F2M and intersex folks.)
Later that day at 6:00pm at the Cabrini Footbridge on Bayou St. John,there will be a planning potluck called "From Taboo to Empowerment" to discuss human sexuality and the future of the NOLA Human Sexuality Working Group.

*On Saturday 5/26 at 3:00pm at the NOPL Robert E. Smith Branch (6301 Canal Blvd)Casey Stuart, Vice-President for Education and Outreach for Save Our Cemeteries, will give a lecture and power point presentation entitled “The History and Current Status of the Historic New Orleans Cemeteries".

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