Friday, January 11, 2013

Upcoming class: Change your oil - Change your life

Several people have been asking for a free school class on car mechanics. Well, here you go!

Change Your Oil - Change Your Life

Interest Meeting: Sun Jan 27 at 3:00 pm

Contact Ed at for location!

Date and Time for regular class meeting TBD (probably starting in February). If anyone interested cannot make the meeting, just email me experience/interest level and time preferences.

This is a class for people who want to know how cars work and how to keep them working. The exact content will depend on peoples interests and experience, but we’ll talk about the operating mechanisms and major components of cars, how they work and interact, and how they break.  We’ll also do some looking at actual cars and identifying parts, differences between models, and common problems.  Finally we will look at the tools and equipment used to work on cars, and then use it to work on some cars.  How hands on any given class is will be weather dependent, so wear clothes you aren’t too attached to.

The order and content of the syllabus are always up for review and revision based on the interests and knowledge of the class.


Broke Fast said...

Hey everybody, I'm actually going to have to reschedule the initial meeting for Sunday January 27th at 3pm. Sorry for the confusion/super short notice, but now you'll have more time to think of curses to use when you accidentally splash 200 degree oil onto yourself!

candorschool said...
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