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December Classes

Freedom to Build, Phase 2: phased 2 build
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A hands-on informal study of architecture history focused on the creation, control, and usage of spaces people use + shape in New Orleans and elsewhere... researching, discussing, and building. When + where we meet will change depending on the topics, so check our website for times, info, and locations.
Contact Jackson:

Monday 12/10, 6 PM
Keller Library @ 4300 S. Broad St.
At FIX MIX we share our skills and repair stuff that might otherwise be tossed. We mend clothes, re-wire lamps, research and repair all sorts of items. Join us in the fight against planned obsolescence at FIX MIX! Bring replacement parts if you think you will need them.
Contact Gretchen:

All Ages Knitting
Tuesdays 4 PM
Community Book Center @ 2523 Bayou Rd
Come learn to knit. Some materials provided. All ages and abilities welcome! Contact Lena: 267-312-5817

Rope Bite (formerly the Art of Adult Ropes)
Tuesdays 1-4 PM
Marigny area, contact teacher for location

From the ancient Japanese art of Shibari to the present and diverse world today, we will be exploring how we can use rope for love, lust, and a show, the bondage, the power exchange, the art, and the flow. The first 30 minutes of every group session is for new students to learn the basics, as well as for returning students to warm up and review. The class will include field trips to allow for extra learning and real-life exploration. NOLA has some great spots for gorilla/flash tying; let's find them. Practice rope is available, but it is recommended that you bring your own. Come to class to learn about the different types of rope and how to select them.
Contact: Tyrus @ 816-210-4077

GED Tutoring
Tuesdays 6-7:30 PM and Thursdays 10-11:30 AM
Resurrection After Exoneration @ 1212 St. Bernard Avenue
The Resurrection After Exoneration Center is offering a free GED tutoring service to all interested students. We meet twice a week and provide individualized programs of study to help prepare students for their High School Equivalency Test. Subjects that will be covered include: Language Arts (reading and writing), Social Studies, Science and Math. Contacting instructor beforehand is encouraged, though walk-ins are always welcome.
Contact Sebastian:

Freestyling Circle
Wednesdays 8 PM
Contact Instructor for Location
Weekly get together for people who love or are interested to learn/practice freestyling and extemporaneous spoken word.  Class members can bring in beats, suggest topics and host discussions.  Less of a class and more of a practice group to create an encouraging community of verbal spontaneity.  Trying to express yourself quickly, rhythmically in your own voice is super challenging and incredibly fun and addictive.  Scary at first - but so liberating.  Hopefully this group can be a supportive space for people to try out this form of expression for the first time and to find other people who just plain need it in their lives.
Contact Wiley:

Intro to Harm Reduction
Fridays 2:30-4:30 PM
LGBT Community Center @ 2114 Decatur St

Harm Reduction is a perspective and a set of practical approaches to reduce the negative consequences of drug use, incorporating a spectrum of strategies from safer use to abstinence. In this course, we will demonstrate some of the principles of Harm Reduction. Drop-ins welcome.
Contact: Nora & Michelle or call 504-535-4766

Introduction to Time Banking
Saturday 12/1, 1 PM
Freret Neighborhood Center @ 4605 Freret St.
The NOLA TimeBank is a community system where a person who volunteers one hour of their time helping someone else gains an hour time credit.  They can then use that time credit or their accrued time credits to receive help from someone else. If you are a new member TimeBank or just wondering about how Time Banking works, this workshop is for you. We will discuss the concepts and core values of Time Banking. Then have a hands-on demonstration of your on-line "bank account." Bring a laptop if you have one. If you don't have a laptop you can check one out from Freret Neighborhood Center.
Contact Gretechen:

Zen Meditation Instruction
Sundays 8:45 AM
Mid-City Zen @ 3156 Toulouse
Every Sunday morning Mid City Zen will offer zazen (sitting meditation) instruction before its usual morning meditation program. Using the touchstones of upright posture and breath awareness, we will acquaint ourselves with the movement of our own minds. Please wear loose comfortable clothing.

Punk Rock Takeover
Sundays 2-6 PM
The Big Top @ 1638 Clio St

PUNK ROCK TAKEOVER produces a weekly showcase of diverse local bands from all around the Greater New Orleans area--as well as the occasional national or international act--in order to generate a cross pollination of musicians and fans to help foster a more diverse and balanced music scene. All of our shows will include bands of varying age groups and talent, bands from different subcultural and geographical communities. All of the proceeds from these shows will be funneled into local nonprofit organizations, and the shows will also include speakers, workshops, and skill shares from those organizations whenever possible. One of our main goals with these events is to educate and network people in a variety of ways, so they can take those skills and create their own events or help where needed. Here's what we can teach you: stage-managing, money-taking, sound-running, food-cooking and -serving, flyering/promoting. You can show up on any day you would like to learn/help.
Contact Bryan:

Building Wooden Picture Frames
Sunday 12/2 AND 12/9, 3pm to 6pm
426 South Clark St.
This'll include making measurements for a specific picture, milling the frame pieces from old scrappy decorative and new pieces of wood, joining the pieces together, cutting glass and installing it. Feel free to contact instructor before class, but not pre-registration is not required.
Contact Paul: 504-617-3656

Operation Holiday
Sundays 7 PM
Occupy the Stage Warehouse @ 2735 C Toulouse St

A series of free classes on crafting things for the holidays, because we all need to stop buying mass-made crap.
Dec 2nd – Simple jewelry-making with beads and charms!
Dec 9th – Candy wreaths / Open workshop day
Dec 16th – Help with last minute crafts/catchup/recap
Let the instructor know you are coming so they can prepare enough materials for all the crafters!
Contact Ilea:

NOFSN Organizers Meeting
Tuesdays 6:30 PM
Flora’s @ 2600 Royal St
Come to our weekly organizers meeting! NOFSN always needs motivated people to help us flyer, fund raise, organize events, table at festivals, create promotional materials and help with lots of other fun stuff!

For more information on teaching or taking a class with the
New Orleans Free School Network, please visit our website at You can also reach us by phone at 504-
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