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October Classes

Check Out All the Awesome Classes We Have This Month!

Monday 10/15 6-8pm
Keller Library @ 4300 S. Broad St.
At FIX MIX we share our skills and repair stuff that might otherwise
be tossed. We mend clothes, re-wire lamps, research and repair all
sorts of items. Join us in the fight against planned obsolescence at
FIX MIX! Bring replacement parts if you think you will need them.
Contact Gretchen:

All Ages Knitting
Tuesdays 4pm
Community Book Center @ 2523 Bayou Rd
Come learn to knit. Some materials provided. All ages and abilities
Contact Lena: 267-312-5817

Tuesdays 7pm
Tree House @ St. Claude Ave & Press St.
We will discuss a variety of scientific topics, with a different topic
each week. If you are interested in hosting a class, please submit a
"lesson plan" by e-mail or in person.
Contact Ashley:

NOLA Human Sexuality Working Group
Tuesday, Oct. 9 @ 7 PM, with facilitation meeting to follow at 8 PM
Contact instructor for location
This is a general meeting for folks interested in participating in or
facilitating "Taboo to Empowerment: A Group Exploration into Topics
Around Sexuality," through the New Orleans Free School Network for
this fall, October through December. We will explore topics ranging
from toys and lube to gender and sexual identity!  In the process, we
will explore ways to build community and personal and social
empowerment around sexuality. If you'd like to deepen your knowledge
and share your experiences with these subjects, please join us!  Each
class will be hosted by a group of facilitators selected by the group.
Contact:, 504.410.7238.

Rope Bite (formerly the Art of Adult Ropes)
Tuesday 10/2, 10/16, and 10/23 1-4pm and Monday 10/8 7:00pm
Marigny area, contact teacher for location
From the ancient Japanese art of Shibari to the present and diverse
world today, we will be exploring how we can use rope for love, lust,
and a show, the bondage, the power exchange, the art, and the flow.
The first 30 minutes of every group session is for new students to
learn the basics, as well as for returning students to warm up and
review. The class will include field trips to allow for extra learning
and real-life exploration. NOLA has some great spots for gorilla/flash
tying; let's find them. Practice rope is available, but it is recommended
that you bring your own. Come to class to learn about the
different types of rope and how to select them.
Contact: Tyrus @ 816-210-4077

Zizek Discussion Group
Wednesdays 7:30-9:30pm
Loyola University Library, Seminar Room 4 @ 6363 St. Charles Ave.
We will discuss Slavoj Zizek's book "Less Than Nothing: Hegel and the
Shadow of Dialectical Materialism" over ten weeks of sessions. The
book is about 1000 pages long, so we will discuss 100 pages each week.
You may provide your own copy of the book or a .pdf version is
Contact John:

Freedom to Build
Wednesdays 6-8pm
Sycamore House @ 3111 Palmyra (@ Lopez)
A reading/discussion/research group analyzing the power dynamics
within the built environment, focusing on the creation, control, and
usage of spaces through the past and present.  An informal
architectural history of sorts, concerned with case studies and theory
of alternative approaches to shaping spaces people use. Topics may
include, but are not limited to: housing policy, the vernacular,
abandonment, the “green” movement, industrialized building methods,
construction techniques, reconstruction scenarios, public spaces,
population shifts/urban renewal, land trusts, professional critiques,
troglodytes, and real-world application of ideas. This will be fairly
free form, so if you have topics, readings, or films to suggest, feel
free to email.  You are not required to contact teacher beforehand,
but it will help for printing purposes.Readings for upcoming classes
are posted at
Contact Jackson:

Introduction to Time Banking
Sat. 10/06/2012 - 1-2:30pm
Freret Neighborhood Center @ 4605 Freret St.
If you are a new member TimeBank or just wondering about how Time
Banking works, this workshop is for you. We will discuss the concepts
and core values of Time Banking. Then have a hands-on demonstration of
your on-line "bank account." Bring a laptop if you have one. If you
don't have a laptop you can check one out from FNC.
Contact Gretechen:

Zen Meditation Instruction
Sundays 8:45 am
Mid-City Zen @ 3156 Toulouse
Every Sunday morning Mid City Zen will offer zazen (sitting
meditation) instruction before its usual morning meditation program.
Using the touchstones of upright posture and breath awareness, we will
acquaint ourselves with the movement of our own minds. Please wear
loose comfortable clothing.

Punkrock Takeover
Sundays 2-6pm
The Big Top @ 1638 Clio St
PUNKROCK TAKEOVER produces a weekly showcase of diverse local bands
from all around the Greater New Orleans area--as well as the
occasional national or international act--in order to generate a cross
pollination of musicians and fans to help foster a more diverse and
balanced music scene. All of our shows will include bands of varying
age groups and talent, bands from different subcultural and
geographical communities. All of the proceeds from these shows will be
funneled into local nonprofit organizations, and the shows will also
include speakers, workshops, and skillshares from those organizations
whenever possible. One of our main goals with these events is to
educate and network people in a variety of ways, so they can take
those skills and create their own events or help where needed. Here's
what we can teach you: stage-managing, money-taking, sound-running,
food-cooking and -serving, flyering/promoting. You can show up on any
day you would like to learn/help.
Contact Bryan:

Ladies' Night
Sundays 1pm
Fair Grinds Coffee House (upstairs) @ 3133 Ponce de Leon
Ladies Night is back and closing in on a new series!  Starting August
12, we'll be book clubbing bell hooks' "All About Love: New Visions".
On that Sunday, we'll pass out books and come up with a readings
schedule which folks will be able to find at 
Always & forever, we are a BYOB, kid-friendly, no-boys-allowed potluck &
radical feminist discussion group.

Aboveground Zine Library
Monday 10/29 6-8pm
Nowe Miasto @ 223 Jane Place
This class will study the Abovegroud Zine Library, a 10 year old zine
library that is now closed and missed dearly. We will discuss zines,
how to make them, the history of the library and strategies to reopen
it. At the end of the class, we will put out a zine about the library
together. It is recommended to contact the instructor beforehand.
Contact Rob:

Intro to Harm Reduction
Fridays 2:30 pm
In front of LGBT Center @ 2114 Decatur
Harm Reduction is a perspective and a set of practical approaches to
reduce the negative consequences of drug use, incorporating a spectrum
of strategies from safer use to abstinence. In this course, we will
demonstrate some of the principles of Harm Reduction. Drop-ins welcome.
Contact Nora & Michelle:

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