Monday, July 30, 2012


If you want to learn about stage-managing, money-taking, sound-running, food-cooking and serving, and flyering/promoting, check out's PUNKROCK TAKEOVER every Sunday from 2-6pm at The Big Top (1638 Clio St).

PUNKROCK TAKEOVER produces a weekly showcase of diverse local bands from all around the Greater New Orleans area--as well as the occasional national or international act--in order to generate a cross pollination of musicians and fans to help foster a more diverse and balanced music scene. All of our shows will include bands of varying age groups and talent, bands from different subcultural and geographical communities.

All of the proceeds from these shows will be funneled into local nonprofit organizations, and the shows will also include speakers, workshops, and skillshares from those organizations whenever possible. One of our main goals with these events is to educate and network people in a variety of ways, so they can take those skills and create their own events or help where needed.

You can show up on any day you would like to learn/help, or you can contact Bryan at beforehand.

*On August 19th, the proceeds from the Punkrock Takeover will go to the New Orleans Free School Network!*

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