Friday, October 21, 2011

Fall Kick Off Celebration

"More than just an opportunity to learn, we see Free Skool as a direct challenge to dominant institutions and hierarchical relationships. Part of creating a new world is resistance to the old one, to the relentless commodification of everything, including learning and the way we relate to each other." -Free Skool Santa Cruz

Please join us at Washington Square Park this Sunday, October 23rd, as we launch into a Fall full of great classes. We will be gathering from 12pm to 3pm with food, games, and music. This is a great time for students, teachers, organizers, and all interested community members to connect and share in the excitement of free education that challenges our institutionalized compulsory education system!

Check out your Fall class offerings under the above Current Classes/Calendar tabs. Please reach out to teachers if you're interested in the class, as it makes them wildly appreciative and will have you even more enthusiastic to engage in co-learning with them!

We're looking forward to expanding our knowledge and skills together while we build a strong network of collective autonomy. Thanks friends for all you do!

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