Friday, April 8, 2011

We may have found a new weekly meeting space

Dear friends,

Since the closure of our beloved Iron Rail,  the New Orleans Free School Network has been homeless.  Many of you may have seen Free Schoolers flocking to cafes in the Garden District, backyards in the Bywater, and everywhere in between for our weekly Monday meetings.  It has been a bit of a sad sight, and has likely been a contributing cause to the decline in our number of core organizers.

But, our dark days may be over, as the 7th Ward Neighborhood Center has graciously offered to host our meetings.

So, now that we will (hopefully) have a consistent meeting place again, we'd love to see more folks show up and give their input.

New Orleans Free School Network meetings:
7 PM
7th Ward Neighborhood Center
1943 Pauger St.

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KateSmash said...

"our dark days" ? hahahah